Results from experience.

Results from experience.

In our fifteen years of practice, we have learned that each case presents a unique set of circumstances. We use strategic thinking, emotional intelligence and tailored approaches that lead to results. We use conscious discernment and draw upon experience when advising clients whether and how to litigate, collaborate or mediate.

Balanced thinking.

Balanced thinking.

Family law matters are highly stressful – often making it difficult for a client to think rationally. As such, we aim to provide stability and logical reasoning. We offer advice with patience and compassion, working hard to simplify complex financial issues and calm the stormy waters of parenting and custody disputes.

Committed to you.

Committed to you.

We start by taking the time to listen to you, without judgment. We explore and clearly communicate options, empowering our clients to make well-informed decisions. We take the necessary action with intention and purpose. We understand your unique position and the broader, multi-party complexities.

  • Genuine

    by Mary, a divorce client as posted to Avvo

    Eric was referred to me at one of the lowest parts of my life. I couldn't agree more with all of the reviews on [] that speak to Eric's strategic ability, his knowledge, integrity, business prowess, etc. In my case, it was just as important to be surrounded by Eric's positive attitude, his ability to be tough with me when I wasn't thinking rationally, to give me a Read more

  • The Best Decision I Made

    by John, a child custody client as posted to Avvo

    Eric Posmantier was recommended to me by a Dr. of Psychology in Child Trauma who I had found to treat my children in a very ugly post divorce situation. Her referral was simply this: "You need absolutely the best attorney in the business and Eric is it." It was a simple endorsement, but could not be more true. I will tell you that while he is a consummate professional . . Read more

  • Highly Qualified, Extremely Competent, Very Empathetic...

    by a divorce client as posted to Avvo

    Eric was recommended to me by a friend when I realized how poorly my previous attorney had advised me in my collaborative divorce. [Attorney Posmantier] advised me in a few post-divorce actions initiated by my ex, and was able to help me achieve very good results. Eric was always informed about the status of my case, was always extremely responsive to my questions... Read more

  • Trust and Appreciation

    by Jody, a divorce client as posted to Avvo

    Eric combined his legal expertise with compassion and integrity. We had tried two mediators and were unsuccessful, yet with Eric's clarity, we were able to come to an agreement as to how best to dissolve a 24 year marriage. I am deeply grateful for the skill, warmth and commitment that Eric brought to a most painful transition. 

 Read more

  • Eric Posmantier Review

    by a divorce client as posted to Avvo

    After three other divorce lawyers, I was finally guided to Eric. I am an attorney and hire the world's best lawyers for nearly 30 years. Eric is fantastic. He has the big picture. He nails the details. He's a number guy. He is extremely effective without being nasty. Eric is understanding and empathetic to those of us who [must go] through this ordeal. Eric is extremely Read more

  • Unique Attorney

    by Isabella as posted to Avvo

    Throughout my divorce, I have had the opportunity to meet and work with more then one lawyer, and never have I seen anyone more knowledgeable, effective, caring and genuine than Eric Posmantier. His knowledge is simply astonishing, and is only matched by his incredible honesty. Not only did I find in Eric a remarkably efficient lawyer, but also a human being who truly Read more

  • Excellent Family Attorney

    by a divorce client as posted to Avvo

    I had interviewed with this attorney and later learned that he took me on as a client because he felt badly about how I was treated by another divorce attorney whom I had spent a lot of money, with very little result. He wanted me to benefit from having a good relationship with an attorney, and we did. He was this type of gentleman throughout our more than 9 years of Read more

  • Outstanding Divorce Family Lawyer

    by Trey as posted to Avvo

    Eric was recommended to me by a friend and he was fabulous from the moment we started the process, until the very end Eric was very good at driving the whole thing and he was always a pleasure to work with, had the answers and really kept the kids' best interests at heart. Furthermore, he counsels ahead of time and really cares about not running the clock...a complaint Read more

  • A Brilliant, Strategic, Compassionate, Effective Attorney

    by a divorce client as posted to Avvo

    I strongly recommend Eric Posmantier as a Family Law attorney (although I would and will hire him for any area in which he practices as needed) with the utmost integrity, intelligence, knowledge of the law, sharp instincts, ability to understand the complexities of a case and stay focused on what is most important. I put my trust and faith in him and he delivered on every Read more

  • He's a Pro

    by a client as posted to Avvo

    I am deeply grateful for Eric's service, hard work, legal knowledge, litigation skills, preparedness and passionate advocacy on my behalf. His forthright consultation and advice went beyond the scope of law and into the greater realm of facilitating effective human relationships and individual responsibility. He kept me from making my situation worse by acting out from a Read more

  • A++ Attorney, Expertise, Counsel, Wisdom & Empathy

    by a client as posted to Avvo

    I would definitely recommend Eric to anyone who has to go through the Divorce process or has a post-judgment matter. I have used Eric for both, and was extremely satisfied with my representation and the counsel I received. He has a truly unique perspective and approach as a divorce attorney. Unlike most divorce lawyers who seem to (in a self-serving and destructive way) Read more

  • Compassionate Yet Aggressive

    by Kellie, a divorce client as posted to Avvo

    The choice to leave my marriage of almost 17 years and do life differently was not easy……divorce is NEVER easy. But from the very first meeting with Eric I knew I was going to be guided by a professional and highly competent attorney. Eric was always rational, always compassionate, and always had MY back in negotiating with a very difficult soon-to-be Read more

  • Superior Attorney

    by Leslie, a divorce client as posted to Avvo

    I was completely satisfied and grateful for the way in which Eric handled my divorce proceeding. I had the facts on my side, but was in a very difficult situation, and Eric and his staff handled the discovery and mediation with great skill, missing nothing and securing every advantage for me in what turned out to be a very favorable decision by the court. He was Read more

  • Outstanding Attorney with Smarts, Sensitivity, and Compassion

    by Tamarah, a mediation client as posted to Avvo

    We could not have made a better selection in choosing Mr. Posmantier as our mediator. His ability to keep us focused on the important issues helped us from getting bogged down during the painful process of dissolving our marriage. He was fair, honest, compassionate, kind, and no non-sense when it was necessary. He ALWAYS kept our children and their best interest his Read more

  • Professional, Knowledgeable and Caring

    by a client as posted to Avvo

    I can't thank attorney Eric Posmantier enough for his help during a very difficult time in my life. Eric's knowledge and experience of the law eased my stress and anxiety. His personal and approachable demeanor made me feel comfortable and not so overwhelmed. He took a genuine interest in the well being of my three daughters and his attention to details has secured us in Read more

  • The Best Lawyer in Fairfield County

    by Jamie, a divorce client as posted to Avvo

    I am a lawyer, and I cannot recommend Eric Posmantier enough. He kept me informed, supported me and always tried to help me save money. He was an amazing advocate, who held my hand behind the scenes. The only reason I made it through the divorce with my head held high was because of Eric and his superior team! Read more

  • Divorce Attorney You Can Absolutely Trust

    by Nikos, a divorce client as posted to Avvo

    Attorney Posmantier handled my case not only with the utmost professionalism, but also in a way that shows that his main concern is doing right by his clients. He explained my options clearly and calmly and acted both as my advocate and my advisor. During difficult moments in the process it became clear to me that he cares not for just the case, but for the person. He Read more

  • 5.0 out of 5.0

    by a consumer as posted to

    Avoided a costly and disrupting trial on a modification. Clarified and settled several other issues that never would have been dealt with at trial. Demonstrated skill at sorting out complex issues and effectively negotiating them with client and the competition. Provided excellent value for the price. Read more