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"Easily approachable, readily available, and a strong advocate for his clients"

Eric was recommended to me by a collaborative divorce attorney as an attorney who would work toward a resolution, not an escalation of the conflicts. I was fortunate to have Eric Posmantier as my atty - he made the process easy and described my options to me with clarity. There was a well-thought-out rationale for every step as well as a cost-benefit analysis for each part of the process. He understands and can navigate complex personality, and psychological issues with appropriate referrals to other experts for those non-legal aspects that could have prolonged the case and cost of my divorce process. He is easily approachable, readily available, and a strong advocate for his clients. I continue to seek his counsel on business/financial matters and family/visitation issues. I would recommend him highly to anyone seeking a divorce or business attorney.

- LaDonna

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"Great negotiator and personable"

Efficient with his time and a quicker study than he lets on at times. Great negotiator and personable enough. I know that Eric got me very great results, and kept me from enduring a much longer, and much more expensive Court ordeal.

- Thomas

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"I felt cared for and important and comforted"

My recent divorce experience was handled beautifully by Eric. I felt cared for and important and comforted through the entire process. His knowledge of the law and the process was flawless. It was paired with a real living, breathing working feel for the human element as well. We explored motives, feelings, and emotions before each difficult decision. I am a skeptic when one is "selling" themselves and their services but that NEVER cropped up with Eric. Honest, true, authentic, and principled is the profile I left with regarding Eric and his ways and practice.

- Doug

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"I wholeheartedly recommend his firm"

I hired Eric for my divorce in 2012 and again when my ex abruptly stopped paying alimony last year. Eric completely supported me through both processes and was a true advocate for me. His staff was also incredibly helpful. I wholeheartedly recommend his firm. With the second case, my monthly income had suddenly dropped by 2/3 and I had no idea when or if I would be made whole. To save money, Eric and I agreed that I would represent myself during the "easier" initial court appearances, and he would work with me on an advising basis before each court date so I knew what to expect. We switched to a regular retainer agreement when it became clear there wouldn't be a simple resolution to the case. He was always fully prepared and offered various options of how we could proceed, and he gave me honest opinions about the possible outcomes of each scenario. He worked to minimize conflict with the other side and tried to reach a settlement. He is definitely NOT the type of attorney who encourages continued fighting in order to increase his own fees; however, when a settlement turned out to be impossible he fought hard for me in court and won.

- Katy

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"Superb ethical standards"

Eric and his whole office were a tremendous support through the divorce process. He consulted with me long before filing and saw me through setting up a QDRO process with a colleague. He has superb ethical standards and I always felt his advice was coming from both a legal standpoint and the best interest of my general well-being. I feel incredibly lucky to have had his service in a very difficult process. Based on some limited research early in the process, I think his fees are a bit above average for the Fairfield region, however, his counsel was superb and actually made the cost seem very reasonable. I'd offer Eric my highest possible recommendation to anyone in my circle who was looking for counsel in divorce or divorce-related proceedings.

- Li

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"Left no stone unturned"

Eric helped me re-negotiate my alimony/child support agreement and I couldn’t recommend him more highly. He was determined to get the best results, patient and meticulous, and a pleasure to work with. He left no stone unturned, and had a keen eye for small issues that might lead to big problems if left unaddressed. He really went to bat for me, and I am very grateful to him.

- Oliver

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"Always a pleasure to work with"

Eric was recommended to me by a friend and he was fabulous from the moment we started the process, until the very end Eric was very good at driving the whole thing and he was always a pleasure to work with, had the answers, and really kept the kids' best interests at heart. Furthermore, he counsels ahead of time and really cares about not running the clock...a complaint that I have heard from friends about other lawyers on many occasions. Eric is a gentleman who leaves no stone unturned. The result we got in the end was very good and I have recommended him to many others.

- Trey

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"Possesses an encyclopedic knowledge and understanding of the law"

Throughout my divorce, I have had the opportunity to meet and work with more than one lawyer, and never have I seen anyone more knowledgeable, effective, caring, and genuine than Eric Posmantier. His knowledge is simply astonishing and is only matched by his incredible honesty. Not only did I find in Eric a remarkably efficient lawyer, but also a human being who truly cared about my situation beyond the courtroom and judicial details. I've never felt more at ease during my divorce case and its surrounding matters. Eric Posmantier is someone who is extremely reliable, scrutinizingly thorough, possesses an encyclopedic knowledge and understanding of the law, and uses it to your best. I recommend Eric with unbridled enthusiasm.

- Isabella

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"Skill, warmth, and commitment"

Eric combined his legal expertise with compassion and integrity. We had tried two mediators and were unsuccessful, yet with Eric's clarity, we were able to come to an agreement as to how best to dissolve a 24-year marriage. I am deeply grateful for the skill, warmth, and commitment that Eric brought to a most painful transition.

- Jody

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"An outstanding attorney who sincerely cares about his client"

Eric Posmantier was recommended to me by a Dr. of Psychology in Child Trauma who I had found to treat my children in a very ugly post-divorce situation. Her referral was simply this: "You need absolutely the best attorney in the business and Eric is it." It was a simple endorsement, but could not be more true. I will tell you that while he is a consummate professional . . . and an excellent strategist, that is not why I am recommending him. I will tell you that in the end what mattered the most to me was that he cared. He cared about me, my children, and our situation. He advised me extensively on the law and strategy, but just as much personally. In the end, he guided me to the right solution for my family. I knew from my first meeting with Eric, that he was the right attorney for me and my situation. I would encourage you to meet Eric in person, I believe you will see what I saw in him as well; an outstanding attorney who sincerely cares about his client.

- John

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"Strategic ability, knowledge, integrity, business prowess, etc."

Eric was referred to me at one of the lowest parts of my life. I couldn't agree more with all of the reviews on [AVVO.com] that speak to Eric's strategic ability, knowledge, integrity, business prowess, etc. In my case, it was just as important to be surrounded by Eric's positive attitude, his ability to be tough with me when I wasn't thinking rationally, to give me a push when it would have been easier to give up, to keep me focused on the important pieces of a very complicated case all [while] being sensitive to what an awful ordeal divorce can be. Eric put me at ease and was always willing to listen to my thoughts and theories.

- Mary

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"Very responsive and timely in answering my questions and concerns"

Attorney Posmantier handled my case not only with the utmost professionalism but also in a way that shows that his main concern is doing right by his clients. He explained my options clearly and calmly and acted both as my advocate and my advisor. During difficult moments in the process, it became clear to me that he cares not for just the case, but for the person. He kept me fully informed at all times and explained to me the rationale for both his tactical and strategic advice. He nevertheless made it clear that the decisions were, ultimately mine to make. He is very knowledgeable about both legal theory and case divorce law in Connecticut, but he was very forthright in suggesting when we should seek advice on esoteric tax matters from other experts. He was always very responsive and timely in answering my questions and concerns. Most importantly, he kept his focus on bringing the ordeal to an end, even when it would have been in his financial interest to let it drag on.

- Nikos

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"An amazing advocate"

I am a lawyer, and I cannot recommend Eric Posmantier enough. He kept me informed, supported me and always tried to help me save money. He was an amazing advocate, who held my hand behind the scenes. The only reason I made it through the divorce with my head held high was because of Eric and his superior team!

- Jamie

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"Able to accomplish all of my goals"

The choice to leave my marriage of almost 17 years and do life differently was not easy......divorce is NEVER easy. But from the very first meeting with Eric, I knew I was going to be guided by a professional and highly competent attorney. Eric was always rational, always compassionate, and always had MY back in negotiating with a very difficult soon-to-be ex-husband. Eric’s main focus was always that of the best interest of my children and that I was taken care of in a fair way. When I would want to throw in the towel, Eric was there to talk me off the ledge. The office is professional, elegant, and convenient. His staff was friendly and highly skilled in managing my case. But for the guidance of Eric through my divorce process, the whirlwind and aftermath of divorce would have really knocked me down. I had a mentally unstable and angry husband, a special needs child, and my own health issues AND I wanted to move out of state so I could be near my family for support to get my life back on track. We were able to accomplish all of my goals in negotiating what I felt was a fair settlement.

- Kellie

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"Constantly in touch and available"

I was completely satisfied and grateful for the way in which Eric handled my divorce proceeding. I had the facts on my side but was in a very difficult situation, and Eric and his staff handled the discovery and mediation with great skill, missing nothing and securing every advantage for me in what turned out to be a very favorable decision by the court. He was constantly in touch and available, making sure I had whatever guidance I needed during a very difficult time. I couldn't recommend his services more highly.

- Leslie

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"Fair, honest, compassionate, kind, and no-nonsense"

We could not have made a better selection in choosing Mr. Posmantier as our mediator. His ability to keep us focused on the important issues helped us from getting bogged down during the painful process of dissolving our marriage. He was fair, honest, compassionate, kind, and no-nonsense when it was necessary. He ALWAYS kept our children and their best interests his primary focus and was able to guide us in doing the same. He also maintained professionalism at all times but still expressed empathy and encouraged us to see the big picture and each other's perspective, so that we could work through issues without unnecessary conflict. I would highly recommend him. He was truly outstanding!

- Tamarah

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"Truly helped me navigate through a challenging situation"

I was referred to Eric by a friend when looking for an attorney to handle my divorce. From our initial consultation, Eric always treated me with the utmost care and respect. He had my best interests at heart and truly helped me navigate through a challenging situation. Eric helped me to remain objective and drive towards a fair settlement. I would recommend Eric highly!

- Richard

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"The right combination of knowledge, compassion, and integrity"

Navigating my divorce was a challenging experience, to say the least, but I was supported and guided every step of the way by my attorney, Eric Posmantier. With the daunting task of hiring a divorce lawyer, I knew I would need someone with the right combination of knowledge, compassion, and integrity. I interviewed many attorneys and found Eric’s strong background in family law, sincere character, and direct communication to be superior to the others. He and his staff were professional and caring. I always felt I was in good hands. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Eric Posmantier for their legal expertise, compassion, and understanding of the many complex facets associated with divorce.

- Jessica

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"The outcome has been truly exceptional"

I hired Eric for my extremely contentious divorce. He managed to get both parties to a settlement in less than a year in a very complex situation that involved legal issues in the U.S. and abroad. Throughout the process, he has constantly reminded me of--and advocated for--the best interest of my children, which was essential. The outcome has been truly exceptional. Extremely recommended.

- Raphael

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"Professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value"

Eric is an outstanding attorney. He was referred to me by a friend and I would strongly recommend him to anyone going through a divorce. You definitely want him on your side. He is an expert negotiator who has a keen attention to detail but appropriately balances that with the big picture. He guided me through the entire process in a highly effective manner. He operates with compassion and provides a realistic assessment of where you stand. He was responsive and both he and his team were quick to answer questions/calls and turn things around. He did a great job of setting my expectations throughout and delivering a good outcome that I was very happy with. If you are looking for a divorce attorney, you need look no further.

- Bill M.

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"Professional and with attention to the smallest details"

I highly recommend the Law Offices of Eric Posmantier. Professional and with attention to the smallest details, Attorney Posmantier will champion for you until the end. Thank you so much for giving me peace of mind throughout my divorce.

- Wendy J.

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"Superb strategist and provides excellent guidance"

Eric recently represented me through a long and very challenging matter, including the involvement of several third-party professionals/experts. He is a superb strategist and provides excellent guidance both legally and personally. He always takes the high road and seeks to avoid conflict and manage costs. He is highly respected by his peers, the courts, and other professionals who support the family law community. In summary, if you're looking for someone to expertly guide you through an often challenging and unpleasant process, Eric should be your first call.

- Jeffrey S.

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"Amazing empathy, compassion, thoughtfulness, and integrity"

From the moment I called Eric’s office for the initial consult, I recognized very quickly I had found my legal representation. When I asked him about his initial consult fee, a huge smile came to my face, as a health care worker. At that point I knew I had found a person of the highest morale fiber and someone who understood a simple concept- we are all here to make as positive of an imprint on humanity, as we can during our limited time in this world. Eric’s initial consult “fee” was quite simple, he requested a donation in whatever amount I felt comfortable with to a children’s charity that held a special place in his heart. That simple gesture of altruism spoke volumes to me, and with that, I knew I was in good hands from beginning to end. As I went through the grueling divorce process with Eric and his team by my side, there were numerous times I considered myself extremely grateful for having him in my corner. His skill, expertise, intelligence, and knowledge were all evenly balanced with amazing empathy, compassion, thoughtfulness, and integrity. Even though the divorce process brings out the worst in both parties, I could not have been happier with my choice to have Eric represent me during this difficult period. He was amazing at helping me maintain my balance. He is one of the most genuine, caring, honest, kind, humble, and dedicated people you will ever meet. Trust me, when I say this (as it is not so easy for a physician to speak so highly of any attorney), Eric won a place deep in my heart not just as my counsel, but as my friend, and I look forward to continuing to build a long-lasting friendship with him over the coming years.

- Shaan B.

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"Always willing to listen"

Eric was referred to me at one of the lowest parts of my life. I couldn't agree more with all of the reviews on this site that speak to Eric's strategic ability, his knowledge, integrity, business prowess, etc. In my case, it was just as important to be surrounded by Eric's positive attitude, his ability to be tough with me when I wasn't thinking rationally, to give me a push when it would have been easier to give up, to keep me focused on the important pieces of a very complicated case all why being sensitive to what an awful ordeal divorce can be. Eric put me at ease and was always willing to listen to my thoughts and theories.

- Mary

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"Professionalism, warmth, and compassion"

Attorney Posmantier is the true definition of a professional attorney. His compassion and concern for all parties is truly rare in this line of work. His concern for the well-being of children and the impact that divorce has on a family is second to none. I had never met Atty. Posmantier before my divorce. I am grateful for his professionalism, warmth, and compassion throughout my separation. I gained insight and knowledge from Eric, but most importantly, I gained a friend.

- Sean

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"I would highly recommend Eric"

Eric has represented me over the last 12 years. we originally met during a very complex divorce in early 2000. He's the most thorough attorney I've ever worked with including attorneys practicing in different areas of law. In my experience, he was never unprepared. His greatest skill set came to the forefront during a challenging custody process where his steady hand and personality ultimately achieved the outcome we all worked hard for. His knowledge of children's issues is incomparable. Eric manages a case with a very practical and sensible approach. He's very cognizant of the costs associated with family law and genuinely tries to keep those costs to a very minimum. If you find yourself in need of a top family law attorney I would highly recommend Eric.

- Paul

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"Outstanding, knowledgeable, incredibly effective"

I was extremely fortunate to select Eric Posmantier as my divorce attorney. Eric represented me over the last 2+ years in an extremely complicated case involving 2 special needs children and many challenging custody issues. I was continually impressed with his extensive legal knowledge and outstanding litigation skills. He was meticulous in preparing for every meeting and court hearing. He worked tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome every step of the way. Eric is an extremely compassionate individual and I was truly grateful for his understanding and warmth and his ability to skillfully handle the complexities of my case. I highly recommend Eric to anyone looking for an outstanding, knowledgeable, incredibly effective and compassionate lawyer who is a true advocate for his client.

- Kristine

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"One of the rare not just lawyers, but human beings, who has true heart"

I cannot imagine finding a more competent lawyer than Eric Posmantier. From my first consultation, I knew Eric was one of those rare people you meet with a blend of integrity, a desire to help people, and the need to do the best job possible with the least expense to me. Mine was a very contentious divorce, and Eric and his entire staff went above and beyond for me. I first hired Eric as a coach in the early stages of mediation, and even with a background role, he was able to guide me toward the best financial outcome possible. As mediation moved into litigation, he stepped in as my attorney, and helped me to understand and participate in every decision along the way to settlement. It was a miracle we did not go to trial, considering the personalities we were up against. Eric is one of the rare not just lawyers, but human beings, who has true heart. His excellent interpersonal skills and profound understanding of the psychology of people make him an exceptional family attorney. I would encourage anyone even thinking about divorce to get in touch with Eric - be assured that you will be in good hands.

- Lisa

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"One of the most outstanding professionals I have ever known"

Eric is not just an amazing lawyer, he is an incredible individual. I would constantly refer to him during the 6 month mediation process I went through, as my guru. He fought hard for me, but most importantly, never let me respond to the emotional BS that came from the other side, and focused me steadily on the facts and the process. When I would get upset, he would calm me down and would not let me escalate. I know now that this is both fundamental to the outcome and to damping down the mind-bogglingly painful experience that encompasses a divorce. What Eric does is both counter-intuitive to the client (who is upset and wants to fight), and even to his own immediate interests, because conflict will inadvertently increase hours billed. It takes an incredible professional to stand above the noise, formulate a winning strategy, and do the right thing. I ended up with a beyond satisfactory outcome, and surprisingly learned a ton about myself from Eric, while working through the conflicts. Eric is truly one of the most outstanding professionals I have ever known, and I can't recommend him highly enough.

- Michael

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"Absolutely caring and super detail-oriented"

If I had to do it all over again knowing what I learned after 2 years, I'd have hired Eric and had a much shorter, more efficient process that overall would have cost me far less money. He is absolutely caring and super detail-oriented. He is not "in it for the money" which is few and far between. A great man, and a great lawyer.

- Suzanne

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"A great ally to have in my corner"

Eric was a great ally to have in my corner through the toughest time in my life. He is highly knowledgeable, highly experienced, compassionate, and tough. His office staff is top notch as well. They return calls immediately and prepare documents in the same fashion. I couldn't have made a better choice of attorney. I do not hesitate to recommend him.

- Grace

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"Very grateful that we took our divorce to him"

Eric was fantastic at defusing the emotional issues and helped me and my (now ex) wife focus on the important things (our children) We are both very grateful that we took our divorce to him.

- Morgan

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"Don’t know what I would have done without him"

I can attest, firsthand, to the very special person (and attorney) that Eric Posmantier is. He ushered me years ago through my divorce, shoring me up when I needed. I don’t know what I would have done without him those many years ago.

- Aliza

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"Always listened to everything I had to say"

I hired Eric twice in the last 20 years. Initially, when I first got divorced and the second time, recently, when we revisited my alimony agreement. He always listened to everything I had to say to him and always gave incredible advice. I tell everyone that he saved my life. He's the best lawyer you could hire. His reputation is top of the line in the Fairfield County area.

- Lynn

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"A very productive experience"

I would highly recommend Eric and his office. I had a very productive experience with them helping me navigate my divorce, which involved numerous "curveballs". He was excellent in ensuring I was informed and prepared for each step of the process and helping me achieve my objectives. He is also friendly and great to work with, especially in helping me think through the proper approaches to resolutions. He is very knowledgeable given his experience, both in the law and local characteristics of the process. Finally, he practices collaborative law, which is a major plus, as avoiding trials is a major cost and emotional benefit.

- Scott

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"Professional, organized, meticulous, compassionate, and supportive"

Upon contacting Eric for an initial consult, he made me aware that his initial fee was to donate to a children’s charity close to his heart. This spoke volumes to me. I could tell from the start of this initial conversation that he was compassionate, and upon conclusion of the consult, I knew that he was not only compassionate but extremely knowledgeable, professional and the type of attorney I wanted to represent me. He continued to impress me throughout my divorce proceedings. After the consult, I hired Eric as my divorce attorney, and it was one of the best decisions I made. Eric was professional, organized, meticulous, compassionate, and supportive during a turbulent time in my life. He not only gave me guidance and his expertise throughout the divorce proceedings, but he also was very emotionally supportive when necessary. He gave me a clear understanding of the process and what options existed in my particular case. Eric along with his associate and staff were very responsive and considerate throughout my divorce. They were truly amazing, and I would highly The Law Office of Eric R. Posmantier for anyone seeking a professional, caring, compassionate attorney who knows when to stand up for his client and is able to negotiate a fair and favorable outcome. You will not be disappointed in this decision.

- Christine

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"An absolutely amazing human being and team"

An absolutely amazing human being and team. They are knowledgeable and caring, especially during some of the most emotionally difficult times in one’s life. I could not recommend Eric and Kim more.

- Debra L.

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"An incredible command of the facts and the law"

I engaged Attorney Posmantier to represent me in a very complicated alimony adjustment case in Connecticut, which involved a related child support adjustment case in Virginia. Attorney Posmantier had an incredible command of the facts and the law and was able to successfully navigate the myriad of legal issues and procedural rules in both states to reach a very favorable outcome. His associates and staff are extremely helpful and responsive. I could not imagine a better experience with an attorney during a very difficult time in my life. If your case is important, you need Attorney Posmantier.

- Thomas P.

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"Couldn’t imagine having another attorney"

I couldn't imagine having another attorney. I initially hired Eric as a result of his high 5/5 ratings on Avvo and reading everyone else's high reviews. He surpassed all expectations as an attorney in helping me work through a difficult divorce and subsequent alimony modification. He is extremely ethical and has been very personable not to mention his brilliant understanding of the law.

- Bradford R.

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"The perfect choice to represent me during my divorce"

I knew from the outset that Eric was the perfect choice to represent me during my divorce. We met on a Zoom call during Covid and unlike other lawyers I met this way who sat behind their desks, Eric stood in the middle of his office wearing earbuds and explained his philosophy to get me through the experience. He wanted the process to be as painless as possible for me, both financially and emotionally, and with each step along the way he held true to that philosophy. He was stern and protective when he needed to be, but he also knew when to back off. When progress was slow, my confidence in Eric’s legal and personal advice made it possible for me to put the divorce proceedings on the back-burner so that I could live my life. When I needed outside advice, Eric quickly put me in touch with the proper experts. Despite the obstacles, he eventually got us to mediation, and was instrumental in avoiding a long, expensive legal battle for which I am eternally grateful.

- Keith A.

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"Moved with professional integrity"

It’s been 5 years since my divorce. I am finally able to write a review. The entire process was horrible and caused PTSD. Eric and his team made my situation the best it could be. He came into my divorce as a second atty. The first attorney that I had for 9 months was horrible. Eric wrapped up my complicated case in 3 months - he was incredible! I am not from this arena of powerhouse negotiating or strategy. I am so grateful he was up against my ex and his attorney. He fought swiftly, intentionally, and successfully. He understood my abilities and my lack of abilities. He fully read the opposing team and their antics/personalities/“wrongdoings” to the max degree. He was emotionally there for me…as I felt scared and weak. Being a stay-at-home mom is a wonderful opportunity I was afforded in life. But a divorce process is extremely intimidating to this inferior position. When there is a sense of no control or ability to access family money-this feels like drowning. Eric was a gentleman and moved with professional integrity while being challenged with extreme undue stress from the opposing team. If you feel like an underdog-you need Eric-I can only speak from that vantage point. I am better than ever-it’s taken me time to move past the negative experience. My financial situation and future are stable thanks to this team…they play fair and win. I will always choose to move in life with integrity - exactly how Eric operates!

- Jacqueline C.

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"The ultimate professional"

My legal journey through my divorce proceedings was not an easy one. The family court system is not a pleasant place. But, I was lucky to hire Eric's office to represent and guide me on this path. Eric is the ultimate professional - knowledgeable, quick on his feet, prepared, great communicator, and was always a fierce defender of my interests. He showed compassion and empathy, and always balanced every decision with the goal of reaching the best possible final outcome. I cannot emphasize enough how instrumental Eric was in resolving my case, and not once I had a reason to doubt his judgment. When it was time to make decisions, I was, without exception, very comfortable listening to Eric's advice. Last but not least, Eric was always cognizant of the emotional toll a prolonged legal process can have on his clients, and more often than not offered his support and guidance to minimize that cost. For all that, I'm honored to call Eric my friend.

- Isaac K.

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