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Divorce. Differently.

We are a law firm committed to efficiently resolving divorce, post-divorce, and other family disputes with dignity and integrity.

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Exceptional divorce counsel 

In our more than twenty-five years of practice, we have learned that each case presents a unique set of circumstances. We use strategic thinking, emotional intelligence and tailored approaches that lead to results. We use conscious discernment and draw upon experience when advising clients whether and how to litigate, collaborate or mediate.

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Balanced thinking while divorcing

Divorce and family law matters are highly stressful – often making it difficult for a client to think rationally. As such, we aim to provide stability and logical reasoning. We offer advice with patience and compassion, working hard to simplify complex financial issues and calm the stormy waters of parenting and custody disputes.

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Divorce in a better way

We start by taking the time to listen to you, without judgment. We explore and clearly communicate options, empowering our clients to make well-informed decisions. We take the necessary action with intention and purpose. We understand your unique position and the broader, multi-party complexities.