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Frequently Asked Questions

How are financial-related divorce concerns addressed in Connecticut courts?

There are two financial-related sub-topics that should be considered in the typical divorce: (1) the division of assets and liabilities, and (2) future financial support (spousal support (“alimony”), child support and/or educational support).

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How do parenting concerns get addressed in Connecticut divorce?

While there a number of mental health concerns about which to be aware when considering the minor children involved in a Connecticut divorce process, there are only two main legal categories which need to be addressed from the court’s perspective: Legal custody and physical custody. At the Law Offices of Eric R. Posmantier, LLC, we strive to treat these issues with a decidedly “kids first” mentality.

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What are some out-of-court ways to use the services of a Divorce Lawyer?

There are multiple options available to someone pursuing a divorce or engaging in a post-divorce process.  The Law Offices of Eric R. Posmantier, LLC offers multiple types of engagement styles to suit your needs both legally and financially. 

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What are some important initial considerations when filing for divorce?

There are a number of important items to consider immediately following the commencement of a Connecticut divorce action. This list is, by no means, comprehensive, and it is critically important to consult with a competent and experienced divorce lawyer to discuss these and other considerations. The intention of this list is to provide a brief overview of some initial items…

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What are the basic steps of a divorce process?

No two divorces are alike. We will analyze your spouse’s and your background, finances, and if the divorce involves children, your children and their needs. In most circumstances, we do not charge for the initial meeting. In lieu of a fee, as a “pay it forward” initiative…

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